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Alan’s collaboration with small insurance companies


It may surprise you, but more than 200,000 people are currently covered by Alan’s personal health insurance policies. The company has announced today that it intends to sell its infrastructure and technology stack to other insurance companies in addition to offering additional services to transform its insurance app into a health super app.

Instead of generating the insurance products themselves, other insurance companies are doing so through this new venture, dubbed “Alan-as-a-service,” in which Alan effectively supplies everything needed to start a health insurance business in France.

A great price-to-quality health plan defines Alan, a new digital health insurance platform that’s changing the way people buy health insurance. To begin, Alan set out to build a health insurance firm that both individuals and businesses could rely on and enjoy as a customer.

The first Alan-as-a-service customer is a good example of how it works. As a result of this partnership, Lamie mutuelle will continue to rely on Alan’s skills in the future.”

An 85,000-insured health insurance firm doesn’t have a large in-house development staff. It’s not necessary for current Lamie clients to sign a new contract after the migration to Alan-as-a-service. Insurance goods are priced and sold by Lamie, who is still in charge of the company’s pricing and sales.

It’s through our smartphone app that they do this. You may find it in the App Store as the main Alan mobile app. According to co-founder and CEO Jean-Charles Samuelian-Werve, the only difference between the two is a Lamie splash screen.

Alan is in charge of comparing what you paid at the doctor’s office to the coverage you receive from your Lamie contract when you pay at the doctor’s office. Members of Lamie should also notice an improvement, as Alan has made significant improvements to this process.

Unlike in the United States, private health insurance in France is linked to the public healthcare card. As soon as you present your card to the doctor, Alan is alerted that you’ve made a payment. As a result, Alan has made every effort to fully automate this procedure. Two-thirds of the time, users get their money back in their bank accounts in under an hour. A portion of the bill is covered by the national healthcare system as well, although it will appear in the mail in a few days.

Employees can be invited to join up for the Alan backend website, or they can be removed when they leave the company through the Lamie health insurance contract.

Alan-as-a-service provides various benefits to each of the three stakeholders. Those who have Lamie insurance will be able to make use of more Alan services and an improved user experience. Alan is now responsible for Lamie’s IT concerns. Alan, on the other hand, sees an increase of 85,000 users over the course of a single night.

The margins generated by Alan’s third-party members may be lower than those generated by its own members. The health insurance industry is still relatively fragmented, so this should help it flourish.

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